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Change Management Case Study: A Transition to Mobile Work Management

Presenter: Kris Halland
Senior Planner, Maintenance, Cameco Corporation - Cigar Lake
As our organization recently embarked on a digital transformation of our work management processes, it became obvious that what we were actually changing wasn’t just the technology we used—we also had to change our people. We recognized that this change was too big and too important to leave to chance and decided instead to apply a structured, methodical, and deliberate approach. This is a case study in the approach we took and the tools we used to ensure the changes required of our workforce were as painless as possible. We’ll outline how the approach impacted our success and detail the lessons learned. We’ll demonstrate how we approached the following topics: assessing the scope of change, analysis of gaps between present and future states, planning for change, change methodology (ADKAR), roles and responsibilities, where does change fit into project planning, communications, building desire for change, assessment of your change audience, building the knowledge and skills of your audience, and monitoring change progress. The intent of this study is to demonstrate some techniques and tools you can apply to any changes being undertaken, with the hope that you can help to “grease the wheels” of change within your own organization.
About the Presenter:

As a Senior Planner, Maintenance, with Cameco Corp., Kris Halland knows that the maximum achievable results come from trying to get 1% better each and every day. Improve every job plan each time it’s performed, improve every equipment record each time you look at it, and refine your practices every chance you get. Excellence is the act of chasing perfection—even while knowing it’s unattainable.