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Reliability Engineering Analytics explained

Presenter: Andre Ferrari
Reliability Engineer , Enbridge Pipelines
Reliability engineering is an established science with rigorous concepts involving mathematical and statistical methods, and those can often appear daunting for some maintenance or risk practitioners. The role of the reliability engineer is to master, explain, and apply those concepts as well as work with peers to make the correct decision(s) regarding the maintenance of operating assets or future design capabilities. Those decisions are crucial, especially when it comes to the safety of frontline workers, capital investments, or the preservation of the environment. This presentation defines the role of the reliability engineer (mainly in an owner/operator environment) but also helps non-reliability practitioners understand some of the basic tools used in this field. The term reliability is often generalized and not fully understood, so this presentation will help to clarify its definition and intent. Misinterpretation or incorrect calculations involving equipment life characteristics—such as mean time to failure, bathtub curves, or failure probabilities—will be covered. We’ll also explain some of the most commonly used concepts in reliability engineering calculations, as well as potential pitfalls encountered such as oversimplifying, applying incorrect analytical approaches, or mixing terms such as availability and reliability. The presentation will also define the “true” and “value-added” role of reliability engineering in an industrial environment and how it productively interfaces with other teams involving maintenance engineering, risk management, or spare parts management.
About the Presenter:

André-Michel Ferrari is a Reliability Engineering Senior Specialist with Enbridge Pipelines (Liquid Pipelines Division). He has approximately 25 years of industrial experience in reliability engineering, maintenance engineering, and quality systems implementation. His experience includes world-class companies in the brewing, semiconductor, and oil & gas industries. André-Michel is a professional engineer in Alberta and a Certified Reliability Engineer with the American Society for Quality. His academic credentials include an M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from École d’Ingénieurs de Marseille (1994) and an M.Eng. in Engineering Management from the University of Alberta (2010).