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Asset Management Excellence Journey at Irving Tissue

Presenter: Charles Scott
Maintenance Project Coordinator, J.D. Irving Limited
Mike Murray
Reliability Engineer, Irving Tissue Dieppe
In 2010, a privately owned tissue-converting facility in New Brunswick (Irving Tissue) considered itself a well-oiled machine, being able to product 10 million cases of product annually—a huge leap forward from where it started in 1990, with 200,000 cases. The site was piloting a PMO on one of 12 production lines when a vision was pitched to the site leadership team: implementing PMO’s activities and principles on each production line would allow the site to streamline its efforts and result in increased production, with a higher product quality and fewer injuries. This pitch aligned with several of the company’s core values and allowed the leadership team to see there was still substantially more gains to be made at the facility that didn’t necessarily require capital investment, but simply changes to work processes. While this plan didn’t come to fruition, it aligned the leadership team to make reliability a focus rather than just production. This alignment paved the way for several reliability-centred improvement initiatives at the site. The cornerstone achievement of this shift toward reliability was the implementation of “Reliability Windows.” This regular cleaning (two to three times weekly), inspection, and PM task-oriented activity shared between the operations and maintenance groups helped move asset care to a joint effort, rather than just being the responsibility of the maintenance department. This initiative has been a major contributor to the site being able to produce 15 million cases in 2020 (about a 50% increase from 2010—without any additional production lines). This has been a huge advancement in ROA.
About the Presenter:

Charles Scott is the Maintenance Project Co-ordinator for Project Tiger in Macon, Georgia, and the Senior Technical Operations Advisor for Irving Tissue consumer products.

Charles started with Irving Tissue, in Dieppe, N.B., at its converting mill in 1994 as a machine operator. Shortly after, he transferred to the maintenance department where he apprenticed as an industrial mechanic. Around 2001, he began implementing some reliability programs, starting with Vibration Analysis, Lubrication, and Ultrasonic. During these years, he took many vibration analysis courses and is now a category III CMVA certified vibration analyst. After much success with these programs and a desire to advance, he took on the role of maintenance co-ordinator in 2017, and then enrolled and completed the MMP certification in December 2018.
Since October 2017, he has helped implement the maintenance systems for a greenfield tissue mill expansion in Macon, Georgia. He is also now responsible for leading maintenance programs for all our four tissue operations, including a large MRO cleansing project across the corporation. In this role, he acts as a maintenance advisor for the continuous improvement of all of the asset management programs.

About the Co-presenter: Mike has always worked in the pulp and paper industry. First as a reliability junior engineer at Irving Pulp and paper and is now the reliability engineer at Irving Tissue Dieppe since 2013. Mike and myself have worked closely together and are both MMP certified.