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Shush – Your KPIs Are Trying To Tell You Something!

Presenter: Cliff Williams
Corporate Maintenance Manager, Erco Worldwide
Your KPIs and metrics—though they're very different—are trying to tell you something. But, do you understand what they’re trying to say? Are they really measuring what you think they’re measuring, or are you missing out on important information? In this session, we'll look at the differences between KPIs and metrics, and explore how they're arrived at and should be arrived at. We'll challenge some of the old and accepted maintenance measures that many organizations use. First, though, we'll discuss why we actually measure things and examine if we meet that premise. Feel free to bring your KPIs for discussion!
About the Presenter:

Cliff Williams is the author of the bestselling maintenance novel People: A Reliability Success Story. He is a maintenance educator and a keynote speaker at conferences around the world who believes success is achieved through people. Currently, Cliff enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience as a facilitator of PEMAC’s Asset Management Certificate Program and as an advisor on M&R for People and Processes, Inc. He is also the corporate maintenance manager with ERCO Worldwide, a Canadian chemical producer.