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An Ongoing Journey; Implementing Asset Management

Presenter: Marina Van Koughnett
Process Specialist, TransAlta
You understand asset management, you like it, and you see the value it can bring to your organization. So why can’t you articulate it to leadership, and why can’t you get the momentum needed to make it happen? This presentation is the story of a real journey, by a real company—with all the ups, downs, and circuitous paths it has taken. We’ll explore how we created buy-in; had to readjust as the business is undergoing significant changes; are working to create the alignment that asset management calls for between corporate strategy and daily operational activities; and are working to continue to drive forward our journey to asset management. We’re sharing this story to help others find their path forward and to open the dialogue with other organizations on similar journeys so we might learn from one another.
About the Presenter:

Marina Van Koughnett is responsible for TransAlta’s Process Safety Management Program and is one of the founding members of TransAlta’s Operational Integrity Program which combines practices from Asset Management, Process Safety, Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management to create an integrated operational Management System. As one of the programs leads and a current member of the governing organization, Marina’s focus is on the continuous improvement of the business via Operations Risk Management, Operations & Maintenance Practices, Competency Management, Business Planning & Target Setting and Process Safety.

Graduating from Queens University in Engineering in 2004, Marina started her career in TransAlta’s new graduate program. After completing the program Marina found a home in Major Maintenance for Gas and Hydro generation, ultimately progressing to the role of Manager Major Maintenance for Gas & Renewables before transitioning to the development of TransAlta’s Operational Management System.