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September 17, 2019

09:00 to 12:00

Building Your Maintenance Business Case - Getting to "YES"

Presenter: James Reyes-Picknell
Managing Consultant, Conscious Group Inc.
Learn to build a business case for improvements in Maintenance at your operations. You know your maintenance performance can improve, you know the problems you are faced with, you know some of what to do to correct it, you know it will take effort and some investment, and you need to prove it is worth investing in to your senior management / executive branch. To make the case, you need to show what it can save or earn for your business - where you will see the payoff and you need to estimate the cost of the investment. This is a hand's on workshop. Bring your maintenance performance metrics and be ready to work. You will be shown useful benchmarks that can be used and how to use them. Using those and the metrics from your current state you will show the potential benefit of making changes. After working out the potential benefits we will discuss tips for getting support and making your case an easy sell.
About the Presenter:

James Reyes-Picknell is an MMP instructor, PEMAC volunteer and Board Member. He is founder and president of Conscious Asset, and author of the best seller, "Uptime - Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management'', several other books and numerous magazine articles. His latest publication in April 2017, co-authored with Jesus Sifonte is destined to change the RCM "world" for the better while showing how RCM is an integral aspect of Asset Management. James is a Professional Engineer, Certified Management Consultant and a thought-leader in the fields of maintenance and asset reliability. He works with clients in "asset intensive industries" such as resource extraction and processing, utilities, transportation and manufacturing where high reliability is a key to business success.