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Why We Need to Talk About Risk

Presenter: Rob Kalwarowsky
Reliability Engineer, Rob's Reliability Project
In M&R, we often talk about detecting components that are about to fail, using RCM to create our maintenance program or using RCA to understand why a failure happened. But we often stop at the technical or engineering level, and this is often not well understood by management. We need to talk about risk to communicate more effectively with upper management, and we need to understand, quantify, and communicate the risks of each action we take, as well as the risks of inaction. As reliability and asset management professionals, we need to speak the language of upper management and talk about risk. This presentation will cover risk, decision-making, and uncertainty, and provide you with some ideas on how to implement these at your site.
About the Presenter:

Robert Kalwarowsky—P.Eng., CMRP, CRL, CRE, CLS—is a senior reliability engineer. He started Rob’s Reliability Project podcast in June 2018 and currently produces audio, video, and image content to spread the message of reliability and educate the industrial community. Before that, Rob worked at Fluid Life and focused on machine learning and coaching customers on maintenance, reliability, and lubrication practices. He also worked as a reliability engineer at Teck Resources, where his work focused on condition-based monitoring analytics, failure prediction, risk analysis, and spare parts optimization. Rob graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Management.