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The Benefits of Aligning Asset Management Practices with Organizational Core Values and Strategic Vision

Presenter: Jebb Richard
Asset Manager, EPCOR
Good asset management demonstrates value through clear communication and aligns stakeholders with organizational objectives. The value of asset management is not well understood in many organizations, as is the decision-making process behind it. Buy-in and understanding from senior leadership and field staff are crucial for asset management to deliver value to organizations. Policies and practices that align with core organizational values help communicate the value of asset management and the decision-making process to stakeholders across the organization. These transparent practices can improve co-operation and understanding between asset management and stakeholders. Furthermore, a guiding asset management philosophy that aligns with the organization’s core values and strategic vision helps asset managers apply their professional knowledge in an effective and consistent manner. This presentation will examine existing asset management policy and discuss evolution from this point, including how to create a guiding philosophy that will drive development of asset management policy and strategy. The outputs of this process are maintenance standards, business cases, and investment plans that are value driven and thus more likely to obtain endorsement from senior leadership. They will also generate more consistent asset management decisions that instill confidence in field staff and improve defensibility of operational and capital expenditures to regulatory bodies.
About the Presenter:

Jebb Richard—P.Eng.—began his career in 2006 with Nova Scotia Power as an engineer-in-training working in distribution operations. From there, he went on to work in transmission system maintenance and operations. In 2010, Jebb worked as a commissioning engineer, working on both substation upgrade projects as well as new substation installations, including interconnection substations for wind generation sites. This role helped Jebb gain familiarity with various substation apparatus, as well familiarity with the types of testing required to accept the equipment and authorize it for energization. In 2012, Jebb worked as a consulting engineer for Stantec Consulting. Jebb did design work as well as travelled to clients' sites to act as a field engineer. Some of the projects Jebb worked on during this time included Nalcor Energy’s Menihek dam substation refurbishment, and electrical system design and field engineering at CNRL’s Horizon II site. In 2015, Jebb began working for AltaLink as a substation engineer in the lifecycle maintenance and engineering group. During this period of his career, Jebb was exposed to many asset management concepts and their specific application regarding the lifecycle of various substation equipment. In 2018, Jebb took on the role of asset manager at EPCOR, where his asset portfolio includes padmounted distribution transformers, padmounted distribution switching cabinets, and the grounding grids associated with these assets. Jebb is responsible for defining selection criteria and determining capital replacement program scope of work for the assets in this portfolio, as well as managing and issuing work to replace failed equipment and determining scope of operational programs.