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Embracing Technology

Presenter: Steve Maybee
Vice President Operations & Infrastructure , Edmonton Airports
Steve will explore how embracing technology and digital innovations will transform one of Canada’s busiest airports. New technologies and strategies will improve the passenger experience, incubated new businesses, and help create innovative solutions to operational challenges both within and outside the aviation industry.
About the Presenter:

Steve is the Vice President of Operations and Infrastructure at Edmonton International Airport. Steve was born and raised in St Albert graduating from Paul Kane High School and went on to serve in the Military Reserves for four years. He attended post-secondary school and spent time working in the oil and gas with Chevron Canada in northern Alberta.
Steve joined Edmonton Airports in 1992 and has held a variety of positions throughout his time at the airport. He started in Contracts and Procurement where he obtained is Professional Designation in Supply Chain Management (SCMP) and led the Procurement and Contracts department through two major terminal expansions before moving into the position of Director of Human Resources. Steve later joined the Operations department as Manager Airside Operations and was promoted to Vice President of Operations in August 2014. In August 2018, the Infrastructure department was added to his portfolio.
Steve is a member of the Edmonton Salutes Committee, and a member of the Alberta Blockchain Consortium Board.