Call for Abstracts 2021

The MainTrain 2021 Planning Committee is now welcoming abstracts to be presented at the next MainTrain 2021 Conference

 Steps to Submit an Abstract

  1. Preview the Abstract Submission Guidelines

  2. Prepare your submission by using Abstract Submission Worksheet

  3. If new to PEMAC, Sign Up as a Member or Register as a Content Submitter

  4. Log In if submitted before or you are already a Member

  5. Submit your Abstract. Copy and paste from Worksheet

  6. Review and Edit your Profile Information


An overview of the subject areas and the relationships between them can be found in PEMAC's Body of Knowledge. Any categories are welcome.

The subjects covered by PEMAC educational programs, certifications and events are defined by, and aligned to two subject outlines which could be thought of as two different lenses on the overall life of assets.

Asset Management

Maintenance Management

 Important Dates

January  20

Call for Abstracts Open

March 20

Call for Abstracts Closed  & MainTrain Review Committee scores abstracts

Mid April

Selected presenters are invited to submit PowerPoint and Papers (With an option to pre-record)

Late July

All documents must be submitted

July - August

Committee conducts final review of presentations

Late August

Presenters are notified of any suggested changes

August 31

All final documents must be submitted

Early September

Mandatory Speaker Orientation on Conference Platform

September 28-29     

Online MainTrain Conference




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