Developing a Risk Based 10 year Budget for Water / Wastewater Assets


At Niagara Region, we manage a $5 billion asset portfolio of water and wastewater assets ranging from several water and wastewater treatment plants, to over one hundred pumping stations and reservoirs, to networks of pipelines and sewers. Our assets provide water and wastewater services to half a million people throughout several communities This presentation will focus on the process to develop our 2024 Financial Plan which provides us with an investment forecast for the next 10 years. Using an intensive risk- based approach to project prioritization, we shortlisted our investments through a project-by-project detailed analysis which considered pre-investment risk vs the post investment benefit and overall cost of the investment. Projects were then prioritized using our custom-built cost benefit analytical framework that facilitates the trade-off between asset system service performance, cost and risks. Through this process we evaluated $2 billion of renewal and growth investment needs, and then shortlisted priorities, due to affordability constraints, into a total 10 year budget of $1.2 billion.


John Murray, Water and Wastewater Division, Niagara Region
John Murray is a Senior Asset Management Professional leading teams in the development and implementation of capital processes and budgets, asset management programs, plans, technology implementations, risk management, change management, financial planning and performance management. Currently the Manager of Capital Planning & Asset Management within Niagara Region's Water and Wastewater Division, has held past positions of General Manager Consulting Services in the Private sector as well as Head of Hamilton’s Asset Management Program. He is a founding member and past chair of CNAM (Canadian Network of Asset Management) and continues to facilitate a knowledge exchange and collaboration with other asset management public sector experts, throughout North America.  


Jordan Gonda, Program Manager, Water and Wastewater, Niagara Region
Jordan Gonda is a professional engineer, with nine years experience in engineering and asset management roles. He has previous experience in a consulting role, developing asset management programs for over 40 municipalities across Canada. Currently, he works for Niagara Region's Water and Wastewater Utility's capital planning team where he provides investment planning and decision-making support.

He holds a Master's in Civil Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, and is a licensed professional engineer (P. Eng.) in Ontario.


Dr. (Eng) Roland Bradshaw, Associate Director,  Regional Municipality of Niagara
Roland Bradshaw is a senior leader in the water and wastewater utility sector, with considerable international experience in the fields of Engineering and Asset Management. He has over 20 years of professional experience in academic, public sector, and private sector roles in Canada and Internationally. Currently, he works for Niagara Region's Water and Wastewater Division, leading a team of over 20 staff who oversee asset management operations at the Division. His team is responsible for the investment planning, decision-making and data management for $5 billion worth of water and wastewater infrastructure. Roland holds a Doctorate in Engineering from Cranfield University.



September 24th, 2024 from 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM