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Checklist Manifesto for Maintenance

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Friday, May 29, 2020

Is safety a concern for your organization? What about reliability? How is it that aviation is able to ensure such safe operations? Yes, that industry has trained pilots with lots of experience, but that alone is not enough. Doctors are well trained, as are our skilled tradespeople, yet mistakes are common. So how do we overcome those mistakes? The Checklist Manifesto shows how checklists have, and can, make such a significant difference in the aviation, medical, and construction fields. Why not learn from these industries and apply that same methodology to our maintenance programs? Developing a checklist is not as simple as throwing a bunch of steps on a piece of paper and handing it to our skilled tradespeople. Checklists have to be simple and address the right issues. We also have to overcome some stigma to get our tradespeople to use them. 

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Practitioner Produced
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Presentation Slides
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06 Risk and Review, 6.02 Contingency Planning & Resilience Analysis
Maintenance Management Framework Subject: 
04 Tools and Tactics, 4.0 Tools and Tactics General, 05 Maintenance & Reliability Engineering, 5.5 Reliability Sustainment, 06 Work Management, 6.5 Work Execution & Closeout
Author Title: 
Principal Instructor
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Eruditio LLC
Author Bio: 

James Kovacevic is a passionate and driven Asset Management Professional who is based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Throughout the span of over a decade, he has gained extensive hands-on expertise in all things maintenance, reliability, and asset management.

Currently, James serves as Principal Instructor at Eruditio. Previously, he founded HP Reliability, where he is infinitely dedicated to helping manufacturers attain maximum profitability, all while ensuring quality jobs and thriving communities. Ultimately, he consistently strives to revolutionize and streamline the industry in every way possible.

James is also the Host of the Rooted In Reliability Podcast.

Prior to his present ventures, James held various leadership roles, including the Asset Care Manager of Diageo, Maintenance Manager of RS Technologies, the Maintenance Supervisor of Global Composite Manufacturing, and numerous more.

As an avid student of life, James makes it a point to always learn new things and hone his skills. He even assists other professionals in improving their skill sets through strategic mentorship.

Furthermore, James Kovacevic holds a multitude of certifications, including Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP), Maintenance Management Professional (MMP), and Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA). He also studied business and commerce in-depth at St. Clair College.