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Board of Directors 2020 Election - Call for Nominations

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Deadline for nomination submission is November 8th, 2020.

Are you passionate about the maintenance and asset management profession?

Do you have opinions to share about how to extend or improve the strategic direction and impact of PEMAC?

Are you willing to work as part of a team to contribute to the achievement of the PEMAC vision and mission?

Do you have knowledge and experience in the maintenance, reliability and asset management subject domain to contribute to the development of the profession?

PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada is searching for individuals who are interested in serving a three-year term on its Board of Directors.

We believe that a diverse board is a strong board. The aspects of diversity we hope to achieve include (but aren't limited to):

  • Age: We need both youth and experience
  • Types of professionals: Academics, Organizational leaders and/or Practitioners
  • Subject focus: Maintenance, Reliability and/or Asset management
  • Representation from regions across Canada
  • Representation from both the Public Sector and Private Sector
  • A broad range of industries


The Nominations Committee is seeking applications from individuals who are interested in standing for election to the PEMAC Board of Directors. 3 positions are coming up for election to a 3 year term. The Board is currently reviewing its focus and meeting pattern so the following  details are subject to change: Currently PEMAC board meetings are held monthly by web conference, typically on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Participation is also expected at up to two full day meetings, one of which is usually held in conjunction with MainTrain. Additional time commitments to handle action items or participate in sub-committee work is also required. Directors report an average commitment of 8 hours per month with some individuals spending significantly more time.


PEMAC is a respected national organization participating internationally on the Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management and the World Partners in Asset Management. The leaders of PEMAC organization became leaders by stepping up, an opportunity that is available to you right now! PEMAC board members tend to be great people to work with, and learn from, who exemplify the qualities mentioned above.
To express interest in participating in the development of PEMAC at the national Board of Directors level, please download the 

Nominations Form

and submit according to the instructions on the form.